Short Writing

"Solace of the Keeper" - PodCastle, Forthcoming
"A Cast of Liches" - Nightmare Magazine, Forthcoming
"Afrofuturism, Utopia, and the Prospect of a Better Now" - Speculation City, Forthcoming
"Sweet Home, Sweet Home..." "After Having Eaten From the Apple," "Fugitive," & "Zumbi" - Star*Line Magazine, November 2020
"Zombie of Palmares" - FIYAH: Magazine of Black Speculative Literature, April 2020
"Cor de Mula" and "Um Diálago..." - Trasgo, February 2020 (Strange Horizons Translation)
"The Color of the Mule" & "A Conversation..." - Strange Horizons, September 2019*
"My Children’s Home" - Lightspeed Magazine, March 2019
"Anatomy of a Transracial Child" - Apex Magazine, February 2019
"Dead Boi," & "Expedita Writes to Maria Bonita" - Huizache: The Magazine for Latino Literature, Fall 2018
"To Learn a Language," & "You Made Me an Ark" - Newtown Literary, Summer 2018
"Quando Yemanjá e Oxúm Se Beijam" - Obra/Artifact, Spring 2018

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